What Our Readers Say

Just a quick note to say I have seen the first issue of Woodworking for Women and I think it is a very classy magazine! It is very professionally done and I’m looking forward to the next issues!

— Loretta M.


I just attended my first woodworking show in Atlanta. The thing I was most excited about was receiving your magazine, I could hardly wait to read it. I am new at all of this and have taught myself to use many of the tools. But because of my lack of professional training I am not very comfortable being around experts. Everyone I have met has been more than helpful, except at the home supply stores where they act like I don’t know a nail from a screw. So I don’t relate to the discrimination described by women in your “letter to the editor” column, but I do believe it is great to have a magazine for women if only to build their confidence. Your magazine is so well illustrated and written that I can feel my confidence go up just reading it. Thank you and keep up the good work. For those who don’t feel women need their own magazine, don’t read it. Thanks again!

— Jackie J., Dacula, Ga., USA

My husband and I were at The Woodworking Show in Atlanta, Ga., this past weekend and received your Premiere Issue. We both were impressed!

I have a hobby that might interest your magazine. I was not able to be involved in woodworking until I was 60 years old. Buzz and I have only been married a little over two years. We both lost our mates and the Good Lord put us together. Anyway, Buzz is a one-man custom millwork fellow and when we met, he mentioned he was looking for 60-year-old widow that LIKED SAWDUST. I was interested for my first Christmas after we were married he built me a work station at his shop. That year I also got a drill press. I am involved in making wood pen and pencils! At the show I got my latest Valentine present—a VISE for my drill press to use in pen making! SUPER.
The #5 in your top 10 list (Finishings) in the March issue was us! Romantic weekend at a woodworking show! We nearly died laughing.

We enjoy your magazine! Keep it up.

— Marinan B.

I love your new magazine!

Thanks and again, kudos for an excellent job on your first issue…can’t wait to see what you have in store down the road. I taught myself woodworking and painting a few years ago when I was past 40 and decided to quit smoking. I needed something constructive to do and found it! I now work from a small shop my hubby and son built for me and have a regular clientele that I sell to. Your magazine will be another great instructional tool for me, like the Internet has been.

— Louisa G.

I was so delighted when I saw your magazine on the newsstand. I immediately bought it and could hardly wait to read it all. I have mailed you my request for a subscription. I have already started on the Cat Planter box.

— Elizabeth I.

Dear Woodworking for Women:

Way to go! Congrats on having the courage to venture into a market that is small at this time, but should grow because of people like you! I studied to become an industrial arts teacher (AKA “shop”) twenty something years ago. In college, it was just me and 450 guys. Talk about intimidating! I felt like I was under a microscope, with all of them watching for me to make a mistake. It was tough, but I persevered and won them over with my desire to learn and my love for tools and machines. Although we now focus more on the technological problem solving process of industry and the designing and building of prototypes, this cannot be done without first teaching basic tools and machines! I teach this to all 1,000 boys and girls at my middle school in a very traditional looking wood and metal shop.

Only 2.1% of technology education teachers are female and I am sure that your magazine will help us to improve that percentage. I will share it with my female students.

I came home with your premier issue tonight and excitedly shared it with my highly skilled woodworking husband. He studied it and said “Hopefully this magazine will answer the many questions that guys are too proud to ask.” You will be receiving my check to subscribe very soon! (And my husband will read it cover to cover and probably have me send you questions!)

In addition, I am a crew leader for the first “Women Build” Habitat for Humanity house that is being built in Chester County, Pa. My 16-year-old daughter is working on the project for her high school graduation project. We are just starting to pre-fab the walls in a warehouse this month.

(Please note: I am the FIRST woman to have been president of the Technology Education Association of Pa. — after a string of 50 men!)

— Joanne T., Immediate Past President of TEAP

I picked up your magazine at a local bookstore and loved it ! I have since subscribed. I have bought a garage full of power tools over the last three years thinking that by purchasing the tools, I would become a woodworker. I have taken a very expensive class and walked out knowing little more than I did upon entering. Your magazine was clear and easy for a novice like myself to understand…I have been going into my workshop daily and doing “something.” Please keep up the good work and please keep the information simple and easy to understand…thanks!

— Carmella R.

I bought your magazine a couple weeks ago, and I’ve enjoyed it very much! I’ve seen woodworking magazines my whole life and never bought one, but the second I saw your magazine on the rack, I picked it up. I’ve always been interested in making furniture, carving and making things. I bought your magazine because it translated things from a woman writer to a woman reader.

I especially like the pictures of women holding the wood burning tools and saws. It shows me the equipment is not going to be too heavy or cumbersome or that it will pop out of my hand. I like all the pictures of women doing things–it makes woodworking look much less intimidating! Your advertisements (with women in them) inspired me to find the Woodcraft store in Johnson City, TN, which is a store I didn’t even know was there even though I drive by it frequently!

I also like “Ask the Expert.” I don’t have any questions yet, but I do learn from other people’s questions.

I am a true beginner, so your magazine is perfect for me. Keep up the great work and good luck with future issues!

— Natalie M.