From The Editor

Thank you for your visit of Woodworking for Women Magazine. I love hearing from you and hope you will continue to send me your thoughts and ideas about woodworking.

I especially appreciated the letters telling how you started to work with wood. Several of you mentioned that you started by helping your husband with a project. And speaking of men brings up a question I have been asked many times since we started planning this magazine. Will any articles or projects be made by men? All our literature says “by women for women.” Does that mean men will not have anything to do with the magazine?

If you look at our masthead, you will see that we have a couple of men who are a part of every issue: John, who does our drawings, and Brad, our art director. They are both an integral part of the staff and I appreciate very much the contribution they make.

I didn’t plan on talking about this in the second issue, but having a man on the front cover seems to call for an answer to the question of the involvement of men in Woodworking for Women. When I had the opportunity to meet and interview Matt and Shari, I didn’t hesitate a minute. They have the same philosophy about Room by Room that we have about this magazine. We both want projects and designs that “real” people will make for “real” homes. I know you will enjoy the interview with them on page 30. I hope they will be an encouragement and inspiration to you as they were to me.

This issue also has the first design by a man. Wayne Sutter of Woodline called and asked if I would like him to make a project for Woodworking for Women magazine. We discussed a specific project I wanted for this issue, and he agreed to make it. To be sure it is the kind of project that will appeal to you, Wayne and his wife Rhonda worked together to complete the project. I think you will like the Mission-style end table on page 20 that Wayne designed. While it is not a beginner project, it is still easy to make.

So the answer to the question is yes. We will include projects by men, especially if the project is one that women will love.

Let me know what you think. You can contact me at the address below or via the Internet at –